This is the On-Line Competition and Match Information System for Metro Masters Tennis Association, the premier over 50s tennis competition in Melbourne.

Autumn 2019 Season commences on Thursday 7th Feburary 2019

Autumn 2019 Letter Result Sheets Autumn 2019 By-Laws
Section 1 Draw Section 2 Draw Section 3 Draw Section 4 Draw Section 5 Draw Section 6 Draw

Spring 2018 Grand Final Results

Section 1Lum Reserve D E'Croydon-Kilsyth
Deciding tie-break 10-7
Section 2Norris Bank D Nth Balwyn One4-2,41-34
Section 3Eltham D Donvale Reds4-2,42-36
Section 4E'Croydon-Kilsyth Magpies D Norris Bank 5-1,45-26
Section 5Donvale Dabblers D Glen Waverley Tooze4-1,38-21
Section 6Karingal Drive D Koonung Park Red4-2,40-33

Autumn 2018 Grand Final Results

Section 1Kooyong(1) D Lum Reserve3-1,38-27
Section 2Royal Park D Norris Bank4-2,42-29
Section 3St. Johns Crics D Glen Waverley Wunz4-2,40-28
Section 4Norris Bank Saints D E'Croydon-Kilsyth Magpies4-0,32-20
Section 5E'Croydon-Kilsyth Cats D Lum Reserve4-0,32-12
Section 6Nth Balwyn Panthers D St. Johns Crews4-2,45-34

Spring 2017 Grand Final Results

Section 1Kooyong D E'Croydon-Kilsythwalk over
Section 2McLeod D Nth Balwyn Veneto4-1,43-29
Section 3Donvale Dodgers D Nth Balwyn Lionsdid not play
Section 4St Johns Crics D Glen Waverley Tooze5-1,44-36
Section 5St Johns Crocs D Nth Balwyn Jaguars3-2,40-36

Autumn 2017 Grand Final Results

Section 1Kooyong D E'Croydon-Kilsyth4-1,43-37
Section 2E'Croydon-Kilsyth D McLeod3-1,31-15
Section 3Glen Waverley Wunz D Fitzroy4-2,37-29
Section 4Donvale Dilettantes D Norris Bank4-2,27-28
Section 5Norris Bank D Donvale Dabblers3-3,37-34

Spring 2016 Grand Final Results

Section 1E'Croydon-Kilsyth D Kooyong4-1,32-20
Section 2Royal Park D Nth Ringwood Gold4-2,45-37
Section 3Donvale Dinosaurs D North Balwyn Lions4-2,40-39
Section 4Koonung Park D North Balwyn Jaguars4-2,40-29
Section 5St. Johns Crops D Karingal Drive4-2,41-37

Autumn 2016 Grand Final Results

Section 1Kooyong D Kilsyth3-1,39-24
Section 2Norris Bank D Eltham4-2,41-33
Section 3Donvale D Glen Iris Gold4-2,34-34
Section 4North Balwyn D Kilsyth3-3,35-34
Section 5Donvale D Lum Reserve4-1,34-14

Spring 2015 Grand Final Results

Section 2Veneto D Grace Park4-1,43-36
Section 3Norris Bank D Nth Balwyn Lions4-2,44-31
Section 4Nth Ringwood D Koonung Park Blue5-1,47-27
Section 5Kilsyth Cats D Kilsyth Battlers4-2,45-37
Section 6Donvale D Lum Reserve4-2,36-37