Here are some topics that will help you understand UTR.

What is the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) from UTR Sports?

UTR is widely used throughout the tennis community by professionals, collegiate players, juniors, and recreational players. For any players that aspire to go to US College, UTR is the key measure that college coaches use to compare and select players for their teams.

UTR rates every tennis player, across age, gender, and geography, on a 16-point scale. It's an objective, results-driven rating based on:

  1. Strength of opponent
  2. Games won
  3. Your last 30 matches within 12 months

Your UTR can change even if you don't play, because UTR Sports is constantly Refreshing, Recalculating, & Readjusting UTRs as new results are loaded.

If there is more than a 2-point difference between players UTR there is little or no impact on UTR ratings.

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Beginner or Coloured Ball Matches

Beginner and Development grade matches use low compression balls (Red, Orange & Green Dot), and these matches are NOT sent to UTR for rating. This is because this grade of play is about enjoying, learning and socialising while playing the game of tennis. Once a player moves to yellow ball competition graded, then your results will be uploaded.

Get started & create your UTR Sports Account

Here's How To Get Started and create your UTR Sports Account.

If you don't already have one, follow the steps below.

(You might already have a profile generated on UTR Sports from playing in previous competitions, but not have an account in your name on the UTR Sports website.)

  1. Go to the UTR web page
  2. Click Join at the top-right corner of the page
  3. Enter your email address and a password and click Sign Up with Email
  4. Enter your profile info
  5. Click Continue as a player

You can see how the UTR system works.

UTR Sports Accounts and Profiles

Your results from Association competitions (Not all TROLS Associations Participate with UTR Sports) are uploaded to a UTR profile that is created for your results, even if you don't have a UTR account.

The benefit of uploading results to UTR is that results are there even if the player does not have a UTR account.

It is not possible to know if a player has a UTR account or not unless you try to:

You only need a UTR account if you want to play UTR or TV/TA events (e.g. Flex Leagues, TV Pennant).

If you create a UTR account, you can "claim" your results so they are included in your profile. When you create a UTR account search your name to request the results you find are included in your account. If you don't do this, you will create (inadvertently) a duplicate profile. Make sure the spelling of your name is correct and consistent accross the competitions you play.

UTR Accounts are free, unless you upgrade to a Power Account (paid) and you want to see more detail about your progress and your opponents.

If you don't have a Tennis ID when you create your UTR account, just click "Add later in settings" under the submit button.

You only need a Tennis ID if you want to enter TA/TV events, or play in competitions run using TAs Match Centre.

Match results entered in TROLS are not sent to Match Centre, but all your results:- TROLS plus Match Centre are available in Universal Tennis web page or App.

Reporting a Duplicate UTR Sports Profile

Only UTR Sports Account holders can Merge Duplicate Profiles.

The Universal Tennis process: How to Report a Duplicate Profile

As part of the data Transfer Cycle, TROLS Administrator attempts to Merge Duplicate UTR Sports profiles (created via the TROLS process) where there is a matching name.

If you have a UTR Sports account via TAs Match Centre you will need to follow the above UTR Sports process.

Recording of Tie-Breaks

A match tie-break or super tie-break is sent to UTR Sports as 1-0, even if it is displayed as 7-6 on the Association's result page.

For more information about UTR, go to the UTR Sports Help Centre, and from there you can search on a variety of topics.


Here are topics that will help you understand TROLS & UTR.

How is TROLS Using UTR?

Those Associations which have a signed MOU with UTR Sports has

Match Result transfer cycle

  1. Friday - extract all match results and upload to UTR Sports
  2. Weekend - UTR Sports process the uploaded results, and resolved the prior Merging of UTR Sports Profiles, & Spelling corrections
  3. Monday - receive a mapping file of TROLS Ids to UTR Sports Profile Ids and a new "Possible Duplicate Players" file
  4. Tuesday - download player UTRs
  5. Wedsnesday - resolve Monday's "Possible Duplicate Players" file

Why is the UTR in TROLS different to UTR Sports web-site

The UTRs in TROLS are downloaded once a week (Tuesday).
Where as the UTRs on the UTR Sports Website or Application are Refreshed, Recalculated, & Readjusted on a daily basis when new results (world-wide) are added to the database, and old ones fall out of contention.

UTR profile merging & player name spelling corrections

For a new player in a Competition, UTR Sports creates a new UTR Sports Profile with the spelling of their name. If a spelling mistake is found, this is first corrected in the TROLS database by the Association Record Secretary, who also notifies TROLS Admin to include this correct and Profile Merge in the next Data Transfer Cycle.

Players or parents who notice errors in the spelling of their name, should notify their Club Competition Convenor, who will then notify the relevant Association Competition Record Secretary.

To assist Associations with player identification, especially where players play in more than one Association and/or Competition (e.g., Junior and Senior), it is helpful to supply Date of Birth (DoB).

The Universal Tennis process : How to Report a Duplicate Profile is only available to UTR Sports Account Holders.

Match Results in TROLS vs Player Results in UTR Sports

When a player forfeits:

When a player retires injured at, say 3-4 down in the first set

The space at the bottom of the scoresheets needs to include notes for the Records Secretaries to know that:

If players play out of order or is ineligible to play that match, the played result does not count towards the competition league ladder, but the result as played is still sent to UTR.

Common Problems being encounted

What to do if Scores/Scorecards need to be corrected

It is best to ensure the score entered into TROLS is correct.
Teams can do this by filling in full player names (Printed) before the start of play - when all the players, including emergencies are present to ensure spelling is correct

Players or parents who notice errors in the spelling of their name, should notify their Club Competition Convenor, who will then notify the relevant Association Competition Record Secretary.

During the current season you should connect your Club Competition Convenor (it helps if you have a copy of the physical Scorecard with the correct players/scores), they will in turn report the matter to the Association Record Secretary.

The Association can then correct the score on the TROLS web-site, and requeue that match to re-send the results to UTR Sports during the next data transfer cycle.

The Association may request the match result to be removed if the correct score is "no score".

If the match was from a prior competition season, then the result will have to stand.

Make it easier for Record Scretaries (they are volunteers)

The Record Secretaries have to make sure that the right player is selected and assigned the right results.

Important to remember the difference between match results and player results.

What to doWhat is even better
Fill in the score sheet before matches startGet the opposition to write their own names so that the spelling is correct and get correct information for Emergencies
PRINT player namesBe consistent. Use same name player used for their team entry (e.g. Steve or Stephen?). Include surnames
Put (E) after a name if the player is an emergencyPut extra info about them in the section at the bottom of the scorecard (M/F, DOB, Grade) and their playing history (have they played before at your club, another club? What grade etc..)
Copy a new score sheet if you need toIf you get it wrong (e.g. players out of order, home and away teams round the wrong way), then write out a new sheet
Use the comments sectionNote in the comments section the reason a match isn't finished (the score when play stopped and the reason e.g. player retired, rain etc ...)
Check the scorecards before signing themGet the supervising parent for junior matches to check player names and order of merit before signing the score sheet