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This is the On-Line Competition and Match Information System for Lilydale & District Night Tennis.

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From this Site you can, by clicking on the menu items across the top of the page:

  1. View Competition Ladders
  2. View Competition Match Results
  3. View Customised Team Fixture Draws
  4. Access the Club Zone, where you can, enter match results, view player scores/statistics, and update club information.
    You need to be issued with a userid and password by your Tennis Club representative
    This option opens another browser window.

Next season 2004-3 will start on Monday 26th August.
Team entries are Open between 24th June and 17th July 2024.

Entering Match Results Please assist the Record Secretaries by entering your Match Results well in advance of the relevant cutoff:
  • Monday Ladies Competition: Results Entry Closes at 7:00pm Tuesdays.
  • Tuesday Mens Competition: Results Entry Closes at 7:00pm Wednesdays.
  • Wednesday Mixed Competition: Results Entry Closes at 7:00pm Thursdays.
  • Thursday O/S Competition: Results Entry Closes at 7:00pm Fridays.
  • Match results will only be accepted via TROLS (non-adherence penalty -4 points)
  • Winning team is responsible for uploading the match results into TROLS (late or missing result, penalty -4 points)
  • Home team is responsible for notifying a washout in TROLS (non-adherence, penalty -4 points)
  • Team receiving a forfeit is responsible for notifying TROLS (non-adherence, penalty -4 points)
  • Being named in a "complete washout" or forfeited match does not qualify as a match played towards finals eligibility.