Details on the TROL System

Hi, My Name is Bruce Leister, and I have been utilising computers to process match results since I wrote my first Competition Ladders program on a WANG 2200 in WANG Basic in 1979.

I am a tennis player and volunteer, who has been helping in Tennis Competition administration since 1987, and the current system, while of a commercial quality is made available to participating Associations.

The software is a two part system:

  1. A Windows component to setup the season (competitions, sections, matches and players), and process results.
  2. A Web-based component to allow viewing of ladders, match results, player statistics, and also online match result entry.
    A Start of Season On-line Team Entry module is available, this feeds into a grading module, and loads directly into the season setup component.
    They utilise open source software, PHP and MySQL, together with various Javascript libraries, and PHP add-on classes.

The software has been written on behalf of and for each of the member Tennis Associations, to run competitions, and is currently owned and used by Twelve (12) Tennis Associations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I can be contacted, in the first instance via troladmin @ trols.org.au