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Section 6
21 Feb 19  Rd.3
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
North Balwyn Panthers8.0 4382.0 224 Lum Reserve Alpha
Koonung Park Red  Bye
Mount Evelyn5.0 3385.0 338 St. Johns Crews
St. Johns Crops9.0 5471.0 119 Lum Reserve Bravo

14 Feb 19  Rd.2
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Bye  Mount Evelyn
Lum Reserve Alpha1.0 1299.0 544 Koonung Park Red
Lum Reserve Bravo3.0 3377.0 341 North Balwyn Panthers
St. Johns Crops7.0 3333.0 331 St. Johns Crews

7 Feb 19  Rd.1
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
North Balwyn Panthers7.0 3383.0 337 St. Johns Crops
Koonung Park Red9.0 4321.0 021 Lum Reserve Bravo
Mount Evelyn9.0 5461.0 122 Lum Reserve Alpha
St. Johns Crews  Bye

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