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Mon Ladies Sec 3
11 Sep 23  Rd.7
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Mayfield Park MeteorsForfeited To Doncaster Cosmo girls
Nunawading Night Owls2.0 2216.0 433 East Malvern Get A Grip
North Balwyn DoubleTheFun6.0 4262.0 228 Vermont Verve

4 Sep 23  Rd.6
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Vermont VerveWash Out Nunawading Night Owls
East Malvern Get A GripWash Out Mayfield Park Meteors
Doncaster Cosmo girlsWash Out North Balwyn DoubleTheFun

28 Aug 23  Rd.5
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Nunawading Night Owls0.0 0148.0 636 Mayfield Park Meteors
East Malvern Get A Grip3.0 3245.0 329 North Balwyn DoubleTheFun
Vermont Verve6.0 4272.0 226 Doncaster Cosmo girls

21 Aug 23  Rd.4
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Doncaster Cosmo girls2.0 2266.0 431 East Malvern Get A Grip
Mayfield Park Meteors8.0 6360.0 016 Vermont Verve
North Balwyn DoubleTheFun7.0 5341.0 124 Nunawading Night Owls

14 Aug 23  Rd.3
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Nunawading Night Owls1.0 1257.0 534 Doncaster Cosmo girls
Mayfield Park Meteors2.0 2246.0 429 North Balwyn DoubleTheFun
Vermont VerveForfeited To East Malvern Get A Grip

7 Aug 23  Rd.2
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Doncaster Cosmo girls2.0 2236.0 430 Mayfield Park Meteors
East Malvern Get A Grip7.0 5351.0 113 Nunawading Night Owls
Vermont Verve2.0 2266.0 431 North Balwyn DoubleTheFun

31 Jul 23  Rd.1
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Nunawading Night OwlsForfeited By Vermont Verve
Mayfield Park Meteors2.0 2216.0 434 East Malvern Get A Grip
North Balwyn DoubleTheFun2.0 2266.0 432 Doncaster Cosmo girls