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Thurs Sec 7 S/D
18 Apr 24  Rd.9
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
East Camberwell On the BallWash Out Knox City Smash Bros 6
Doncaster Line painterWash Out Hawthorn Hedgehogs
Serpell SlicersWash Out North Balwyn NB Strikers
East Malvern B52 HotshotsWash Out Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun

21 Mar 24  Rd.8
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun0.0 098.0 636 Serpell Slicers
North Balwyn NB Strikers1.0 1217.0 535 Doncaster Line painter
Hawthorn Hedgehogs7.0 5301.0 117 East Camberwell On the Ball
Knox City Smash Bros 68.0 6360.0 05 East Malvern B52 Hotshots

14 Mar 24  Rd.7
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Serpell Slicers2.0 2176.0 432 Doncaster Line painter
Hawthorn Hedgehogs3.0 3275.0 330 East Malvern B52 Hotshots
North Balwyn NB Strikers6.0 4342.0 229 East Camberwell On the Ball
Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun0.0 098.0 636 Knox City Smash Bros 6

7 Mar 24  Rd.6
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Knox City Smash Bros 66.0 4322.0 218 Hawthorn Hedgehogs
Doncaster Line painter8.0 6360.0 09 Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun
East Camberwell On the Ball1.0 1147.0 532 Serpell Slicers
East Malvern B52 Hotshots3.0 3225.0 327 North Balwyn NB Strikers

29 Feb 24  Rd.5
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Serpell Slicers1.0 1177.0 532 East Malvern B52 Hotshots
Doncaster Line painter8.0 6360.0 010 East Camberwell On the Ball
North Balwyn NB Strikers5.0 3283.0 324 Knox City Smash Bros 6
Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun0.0 0198.0 636 Hawthorn Hedgehogs

22 Feb 24  Rd.4
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Knox City Smash Bros 6Wash Out Serpell Slicers
East Camberwell On the BallWash Out Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun
Hawthorn HedgehogsWash Out North Balwyn NB Strikers
East Malvern B52 HotshotsWash Out Doncaster Line painter

15 Feb 24  Rd.3
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Serpell Slicers6.0 4322.0 223 Hawthorn Hedgehogs
Doncaster Line painter5.0 3283.0 322 Knox City Smash Bros 6
East Camberwell On the Ball5.0 3243.0 318 East Malvern B52 Hotshots
Nth Box Hill Youngish GunForfeited To North Balwyn NB Strikers

8 Feb 24  Rd.2
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Knox City Smash Bros 67.0 5311.0 123 East Camberwell On the Ball
Hawthorn Hedgehogs6.0 4312.0 228 Doncaster Line painter
North Balwyn NB Strikers6.0 4332.0 222 Serpell Slicers
Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun3.0 3265.0 328 East Malvern B52 Hotshots

1 Feb 24  Rd.1
Home TeamPts SG Pts SG Away Team
Serpell Slicers8.0 6360.0 07 Nth Box Hill Youngish Gun
Doncaster Line painter3.0 3275.0 329 North Balwyn NB Strikers
East Camberwell On the Ball1.0 1177.0 534 Hawthorn Hedgehogs
East Malvern B52 HotshotsForfeited By Knox City Smash Bros 6