Ladders Loaded: 14th March 19 @ 06:06:54 PM


Tues Open Sec 3Pts%
Heatherdale Tussockbirds39.0155.65
Holy Saviour Hall of Fame38.0142.65
East Camberwell Mountaineers29.0103.14
St. Gregorys 80s Crew24.0103.95
Serpell Walkin Wound21.097.52
Donvale Big Fellas21.094.05
Vermont Red Aces11.065.08
Box Hill Team 349.069.63
Tues Open Sec 5Pts%
Donvale Mis-Hits38.0162.93
East Malvern Solway Sol32.0125.69
Kew Good Guys31.0114.48
East Camberwell Smashers22.093.87
Sth Hawthorn Tigers21.097.62
North Balwyn Slammers20.092.49
Greythorn Rangers17.075.69
Knox City Vegies11.069.23
Tues Open Sec 7Pts%
City of Camberwell Cripples41.0175.21
Willison Park Wonderers30.0115.49
East Malvern Almost T Leg25.097.47
North Balwyn Rattlers25.096.41
St. Dominics Backyard Boy22.085.88
Donvale Big V21.098.15
Chadstone Clovers15.081.32
Heatherdale Mutineers13.079.01
Tues Open Sec 15Pts%
GPHC Maxed Out31.0169.23
Kew Hard Blokes29.0151.52
Blackburn Mishits20.0131.40
Doncaster Wilsons15.097.66
Donvale Family First1.022.03