This is the On-Line Competition and Match Information System for Metro Masters Tennis Association, the premier over 50s tennis competition in Melbourne.

Spring 2017


30th Nov 2017 - Veneto Club, Bulleen Rd, Bulleen

$30 per head, please Organise Tables Now - (See your Captains RSVP 3 Nov 2017)
Enq: richard.tamblyn@bigpond.com

Season commenced on Thursday 3th August
Spring 2017 Letter Result Sheets Autumn 2017 By-Laws
Section 1 Draw Section 2 Draw Section 3 Draw Section 4 Draw Section 5 Draw

Autumn 2017 Grand Final Results

Section 1Kooyong D E'Croydon-Kilsyth4-1,43-37
Section 2E'Croydon-Kilsyth D McLeod3-1,31-15
Section 3Glen Waverley Wunz D Fitzroy4-2,37-29
Section 4Donvale Dilettantes D Norris Bank4-2,27-28
Section 5Norris Bank D Donvale Dabblers3-3,37-34

Spring 2016 Grand Final Results

Section 1E'Croydon-Kilsyth D Kooyong4-1,32-20
Section 2Royal Park D Nth Ringwood Gold4-2,45-37
Section 3Donvale Dinosaurs D North Balwyn Lions4-2,40-39
Section 4Koonung Park D North Balwyn Jaguars4-2,40-29
Section 5St. Johns Crops D Karingal Drive4-2,41-37

Autumn 2016 Grand Final Results

Section 1Kooyong D Kilsyth3-1,39-24
Section 2Norris Bank D Eltham4-2,41-33
Section 3Donvale D Glen Iris Gold4-2,34-34
Section 4North Balwyn D Kilsyth3-3,35-34
Section 5Donvale D Lum Reserve4-1,34-14

Spring 2015 Grand Final Results

Section 2Veneto D Grace Park4-1,43-36
Section 3Norris Bank D Nth Balwyn Lions4-2,44-31
Section 4Nth Ringwood D Koonung Park Blue5-1,47-27
Section 5Kilsyth Cats D Kilsyth Battlers4-2,45-37
Section 6Donvale D Lum Reserve4-2,36-37